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      We are Todd and Lori Wilkerson. We're located in Bloomington, IN approximately 50 minutes south of Indianapolis. We've had Boxers for nearly 25 years and are members of the Mid-West Boxer Club, Central Indiana Boxer Club, and American Boxer Club.

Apollo Creed

      Our love for this breed started in the mid 80's when we met. We were first introduced by Lori's best friend, a boxer named "Apollo Creed", from the famous Brettendale lines. Apollo was the ring barer at our wedding in 1990. After his passing, we owned several wonderful boxers from Valerie Rosenblum of the Gold Medal kennel. Our last one passed away at 11 years old.


      Todd couldn't bare a house with no boxers so he and a friend bought Freedom from Marlene Wilson of Pineflats Boxers. There, our next generation had began. We then decided to get into the conformation ring but Freedom had other plans! When health testing was complete we took on the task of finding the perfect mate in hopes to produce something for the conformation ring. We did and produced our first champion, "Treasure". Since then we have met many wonderful boxer people along the way. And now, along with conformation, we have  ventured into the obedience and rally ring!